Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Grandpa Ian's Funeral


I will miss you so much.  Your stubbornness, your honesty, your love for my children.  You have created quite the legacy and we all hope to live to make you proud.  We know you loved us all so much, thanks for being a great Grandpa.  Love you.

Military Honors

Camden holding a flower to put on Avery's grave.   Avery now has Papa next to her.
My sisters
My siblings
 Mike, Amy Matt,
Anne, Kristi, and Kaite

My beautiful Grandma Lindy

The Pallbearers were all my male cousins
One of my favorite things is to see my dad cry.  I love his trying to hold back tears face.  It is truly endearing


Laura Copeland said...

Thank you for posting these pictures about your grandpa's funeral. What a great man he was and is! I know how close you were to him and how you will miss him. I am glad he is buried near Avery.

Natasha said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa's passing.

I found your blog two ways a little while back and haven't bothered to write and let you know until today. I found you through Cora Barrett who is friends with Emily Danes ? who is/was in your ward and who Bob knew in high school.

Then I found you through Ben & Summer Thatcher (who are in our ward). I still haven't asked her how she knows you.

I've been checking out your photography stuff too. How fun! I've got a little business myself that I'm trying to get going.

Here's my blog address if you want to see what we're up to.


Emily said...

What a sad/happy time. Great pictures.

Matt and Erica Johnston said...

Amazing pics! It's so wonderful that your family is such a wonderful support system. It's awesome to see everyone all grown up! It was the best seeing you in Utah! I LOVE YOU!

Beverly said...

What a good man your grandfather must have been and such a wonderful posterity surrounding him at the funeral. I enjoyed catching up with your blog this morning. You and Cameron seem so far away and we miss seeing you once in a while.

Keri said...

anne. i need your address. I have a question for you about someone we use to both live by in wash.

Keri said...